Sunday, October 24, 2010

Neckties for your Tots!

Hello Friends!
I'm just getting the word out that I am making Utah and BYU neckties for little boys! I know most of you are so crafty you could just make your own but... Since we have such srtong supporters from each school (I see those flags waving on game days)...I thought there might be an interest for these. Let your boys show the other babies in nursery who they root for. They make great gifts for the holidays too. I make them pre-tied on an adjustable strap with a hook they can't be pulled off like the clip-ons or zip-up ties. They can be yanked on and drooled on and best of all...washed in the washing machine!
Neighboorhood price- 10.00/each
sizes 4mo-14yrs.
Call me at 801-695-5270
Available in...
U screen printed,
Y screen printed,
Byu & Utah official logo Fabric
Also, If you want ties made for family photos or for the holidays, just bring me the fabric you want them in and I can make them too. I usually only need about a quarter yard per tie.
Call me if you have questions or if you'd like to place an order! or see more options at ...but don't order from the site, if you want any of them just call me and they will be cheaper :)
-Rachel Smith

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