Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas Craft Day!

Come make cute Christmas gifts while on a budget! 
Date:  Tuesday, November 9th
Time:  6-9pm
Where: The Church (side rooms)
Food:  Light refreshments will be served
(you may sign up to bring your favorite Christmas cookies and bring recipe if you like)

Sign up sheets for each of these crafts are going around at church.  If you have not been able to sign up for any of these and would like to, email karenbrothersen@gmail.com.
MONEY is due NOVEMBER 2nd.  (one week before the event!)  Make checks out to those in charge of your craft.  (If you are doing more than one craft and don't want to write a billion checks, write it out to Karen Brothersen.)
Craft Options include:  
1.  Door Wreaths By: Liberti Van Gass
There will be plenty of options for you. 
You can do this Valentines or a Christmas wreath.
You provide two shirts (mens size lg. or bigger) of the same color (whatever color you want the wreath to be) -these are meat to be "re-purposed" shirts so you don't have to go out and buy news ones, if you don't have any at home, hit up DI.

2.  Days of the Week Towels By: Shari Schempp
Please bring 7 white flour sack towels with you to the event!
(Available at Walmart, dollar store, target, etc... 
Iron on decals at the event...

3.  Fabric Rings By:  Brittney McClellan  
Available in a few colors and fabrics! 
 4.  Glass Etching By: Karen Brohersen
You bring your glass item and you etch them at the activity.  Email karenbrothersen@gmail.com  with what words you want etched, size, and font style. (example:  Smith, 2 inches tall, block font.)
Some glass ideas are: casserole dishes, mirrors, vases etc...

5. Reverence Quiet Book By: Valarie Ackley
(For Sacrament meeting) Size: 4x6 booklet
13 page pdf, you would print yourself.  Cost is for the booklet, the cover with a picture of the Savior.

6. Quiet Coloring book By: Valarie Ackley
8 1/2 x 11 binder full of gospel centered coloring pages.
Coloring pages are in page protectors intended for reusable coloring.  (dry erase markers can be used.  or you may order DRY ERASE CRAYONS- less mess!)  The crayons are a separate order, for $6.00.

7. Temple Blocks By: Andrea Christensen
$10.00 (estimated)
 I don't have an exact picture, but this will give you an idea at least.
As far as I know.. the shape will be more rectangular.
These are intended for your children's rooms.  (every child is supposed to have a picture of the temple in their room- this is a cute way to do that.)
Call or email Andrea Christensen with questions for this one.
Andrea Christensen
8. Monthly Preparedness Plan (one year worth) By: Karen Brothersen
 In  A binder!
FREE!!!!!  Upon request only!

Hope to see you at this fun event!  And hopefully we can help save some money this Holiday season with these creative Christmas gift ideas!  Spread the word to all of your neighbors!

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Tiffany said...

Can we take the projects with us and finish them at home? I don't think I'll be able to get a babysitter.