Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hi Sisters,

It has been decided that it would be easier for us to begin collecting money for the ward cookbooks. We will start this Sunday.

During RS, YW and Primary look for a Manila envelope. On the outside will be a list of those who have pre-ordered, and the amount they owe. Once you pay, please mark the appropriate columns.

The cost of the cookbooks is $9.50 and hopefully they will be here before the upcoming dinner/auction on May 6th!

Please use a tithing envelope, mark in the OTHER space at the bottom, with “cookbook” . You can give the envelope to a member of the bishopric, or put it in the manila envelope, and we will hand them to the Bishop.

If you didn’t pre-order, you can still get your cookbook, just fill in the spaces. We will have around 75 extra books that we need to sell. If you decide that you would like more than you ordered, PLEASE fill out another line and we will make sure you get the books.

The cookbooks would make great gifts, so if you know someone else that would like one, let them know about them, PLEASE!

Thank you to ALL the sisters who contributed recipes for this project! We REALLY APPRECIATE it!! There are some great recipes being shared. We did combine some that that were the same or very similar, and had to delete a few, but we feel you will be pleased with the end result.

Thank you everyone!!

Penny McGrew
Karen Brothersen

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Does anyone know how to set-up websites? I have my domain name...but need help with web design and hosting. Any ideas?
Also...accounting/taxes. Does anyone in our ward do that? I'm happy to pay for both services or even to trade ties for advice! Just wanting to pick someones brain for a bit, try to wrap my mind around a few things. ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Library Needs Volunteers

Our new Saratoga Springs Library needs help cleaning books and organizing the library.
Here is the info:
March 2nd:10-9pm
Thur. March 3rd: 9-5pm
Fri. March 4th: 9-5pm
Just drop in whenever works for you.

Then the following week Mar. 7th-12th:
Volunteers will form an assembly line of putting on book tags, tape, etc...
Tues. 8th shifts are: 9-noon     noon-3     5-9pm
Wed. 9th : 9-noon     noon-3     3-6pm     6-9pm
Thur. 10th: 9-noon     noon-3     3-6pm     6-9pm
Fri. 11th: 9-noon     noon-3     3-6pm     6-9pm
Sat. 12th: 9-noon     noon-3     3-pm    3-5pm

The lady in charge is Sue her cell is 801-836-2198
She asks that we email to let her know when we can come for the second week.

Thanks everyone!  Happy Serving!