Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Library Needs Volunteers

Our new Saratoga Springs Library needs help cleaning books and organizing the library.
Here is the info:
March 2nd:10-9pm
Thur. March 3rd: 9-5pm
Fri. March 4th: 9-5pm
Just drop in whenever works for you.

Then the following week Mar. 7th-12th:
Volunteers will form an assembly line of putting on book tags, tape, etc...
Tues. 8th shifts are: 9-noon     noon-3     5-9pm
Wed. 9th : 9-noon     noon-3     3-6pm     6-9pm
Thur. 10th: 9-noon     noon-3     3-6pm     6-9pm
Fri. 11th: 9-noon     noon-3     3-6pm     6-9pm
Sat. 12th: 9-noon     noon-3     3-pm    3-5pm

The lady in charge is Sue her cell is 801-836-2198
She asks that we email to let her know when we can come for the second week.

Thanks everyone!  Happy Serving!

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