Monday, February 28, 2011

Bean Bag Chair

I'm selling an over-sized beanbag chair if anyone is interested. We bought two of these monsters last year not realizing how really gigantic they really are. I was using it in the loft area of my house for the kids to sit on as they read, but we just got new bookshelves and now it doesn't really fit anymore. So I've decided to get something smaller.
It's a dark navy blue corduroy and has hardly been used as my kids mostly read in their bedrooms. I forget what it's filled with but it's not Styrofoam pellets. It's something that doesn't ever need to be refilled and it doesn't get compressed at all. It is a very comfy chair and would work great in a basement movie room or play room.
All of my kids can comfortably fit on it and I can also sit on it with a kid on each side. I wish we could keep it but we just don't have the space. I paid $150 dollars for it one year ago. I will take $50 for it or your best offer. I thought I'd advertise it here first before I list it on KSL Classifieds. E-mail me  at: or call me if you're interested! (801) 331-8304.

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