Friday, September 24, 2010

email account hacked

Today I discovered through a coworker that emails were sent out using my email contact list claiming that I am stranded in London and need money. I did not send those emails and who ever hacked into my account deleted my contact list and any sent/recieved emails I had so that I couldnt contact anyone to warn people this was happening. I am very sorry to any one who got one of those emails. I am sorry if any of you suffer any problems as a result of whoever hacked my account. I hope that there will not be any one else who has a problem from that email scam. I have changed all my passwords to try to prevent it from happening again, but have lost all my contact info to send appologies to everyone in my contct list. I asked Lonnie Cluff to send out a email telling everyone not to open those emails and to delete them so that those of you who didnt already open them could delete them before you open them. I am so very sorry for this mess and send my appologies to everyone who got one of those emails. Thanks-Teri Brimhall

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Liberti said...

Teri, I've had this happen to me before on a business e-mail account, I feel your pain, so sorry!