Thursday, September 16, 2010


Here are the pics from our fun RS Meeting last night!  
What a BIG success it was!  
We were able to help out  4 different organizations in the community and have fun doing it!!! 
These ladies were working on quilts for the Saratoga Police Department.  
(They can keep the quilts in the back of their police cars and distribute as needed.)
These quilts turned out SO cute!  Good work ladies!
Below:  These ladies were having fun putting together a bunch of school/crafty supplies for the Primary Children's Hospital.  We got A LOT of donations for this!  Thank you everyone!
Below:  These ladies were making little tiny hair bows for the newborn baby girls at the AF Hospital.
They did a FANTASTIC job!  And they made TONS!!!
Below:  Is the CRAZY group!  
They were working on 1st Aid Kits for the Womens-Childrens Center for Abuse.
Thanks to everyone who donated the items needed for this!  We were able to reach our goal of 15 kits, and we even had a bunch of extra supplies to donate to them!
 I asked this group to smile, and within one second, they were all posing and smiling at me! 
They had so much fun with the "smiling pose", they wanted to do a "silly face" pic.  
So here you go!
THANK YOU so much to all who donated items, served on the committee, helped set up/clean up, made food, and came to help make the night a success!  I think this is one of my favorite events!   Hope you all had fun!

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