Thursday, March 18, 2010

Book Club!

Hey, ladies!

I'm going to be starting a book club and wanted to start getting an idea of who would be interested so we could figure out what days are good and such. I LOVE to read and I know I'm not the only one, so if anyone is interested please leave a comment on here.

Please spread the word! I know a lot of ladies in the neighborhood don't look at the blog, so share the news with your friends. Since it isn't church sponsored, it can't be announced in church, so the only way to spread the word is this little blog and word of mouth. So please let all your neighbors and friends know so we don't miss anyone who might be interested.

To contact me either leave a comment, call me at 319-8535, or e-mail me at

I'm excited to get started, so let's get the word out quickly!


Penny said...

Shari, I think I can put this in the R.S. bulletin under the neighborhood activities section. I will check with Elaine.

BRITT said...

I am in.