Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pics of the Pampered Pretty RS activity!

What a fun night this was!
The decorations turned out AMAZING!  Twinkle lights, Chinese balls, purses, shoes, make up, pink & purple etc.... Below:  Minola Jacobsen taught the "Pampered Bath" class.  She taught about essential oils and how to use them.  We gave out calming bath salts!  Great job!
Below: Anna Estrada taught the "Pampered Skin" class.  How to care for our skin and the importance's of it.  What a great presentation!
Below:  Shelisa Hill taught our "Pampered Nails" class.  We got to paint nails and learn some basic tips on nail care.  What a great teacher!
Below: Robyn Hobbs taught our "Pampered Muscles" class.  She  taught a very useful class on proper stretching techniques and that was a big hit!
Juanelle Shelton was in charge of the incredible decorations for the event!  Job WELL done by her and her family!  It was WAY more than I could have asked for!
We had a CHOCOLATE fountain and  cheese fondue for the refreshments!  Pampering our tummies was a fun part!  Below:  Elaine Gengler stirring our cheese fondue! 
Karen Brothersen and Julia Fortune the planners.  
(Andrea Christensen helped plan too, just not in the pic)
We wrapped up the night with a "Pampered Spirit" by: Karen Brothersen.
The ways we can pamper our spirit, and take a "time-out" to recharge and pamper yourself.
THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE who helped plan, prepare, clean up & to ALL those that came!  It was a fun night.  We hope you enjoyed it.  But mostly, we hope you felt PAMPERED PRETTY and felt like the beautiful princesses that you are!   

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