Monday, June 28, 2010

a big thanks

i have to say thank you to a lady in the neighborhood. i came home friday, completely drained from the week and knowing i had a weekend of yard work ahead of me (one of the first weekends i have been able to actually set a side for house and yard work this summer). i pulled into my driveway and found this person down on hands and knees pulling my weeds out of my flower bed. she wanted to be done and gone before i got home, but for once i got home early. i have fallen really far behind on keeping the weeds out and they have taken over. i am very grateful for this persons help and she will never know how much i appreciate her time and effort. i did not ask for help and am not happy about my yard looking so badly. i have to say that with all my husband and i have to do and all that we have been through, that this ward and neighborhood is the best group of people anyone could ever have the privledge of knowing. there are so many people who have gone the extra mile to help others. i just wanted to say thanks again for the help and for all the effort and time that meant much more than just having some weeds gone. i was reminded once again, that people care about one another. something that i think gets lost in day to day life. i hope one day i can repay this person and/or her family for her kindness.

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