Monday, May 10, 2010


Hey Ladies...
Just a quick reminder... Tomorrow, May 11th is going to be our first monthly RS night.
We are going to have mini classes at the church.

Class 1: Marriage Class taught by Tiena Cowden 7pm (with topics picked by our Bishop)

Class 2: Wood Craft taught by Andrea Christensen 8pm,  You can do both if you wanted to go to the first class too. (But open the whole time) (call andrea for questions!)

Option 3: Canner will be available at your own leisure from 7-9pm!  Bring your food (sugar, wheat etc...) whatever you need to can...  Don't forget a can with a lid, and come seal them with the stake canner.  We will have that available only every 3rd month.

We are hoping to keep things simple!  All of us ladies have busy lives!  So the plan is, to meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month for these mini classes.  If  you have ideas for classes or are willing to teach something, email Karen Brothersen at
Hopefully the classes will cover a wide variety of interests and needs each month.

Hope to see you ALL there for one thing or another! (or all 3)

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